Question Dual shock 4 strange behavior

Feb 28, 2021
Hello to everyone this is my first post here. About an year ago I bought a cheap ps4 controller in the advert it said it was non working I tried it on my pc using ds4 and it worked but strangely the battery was all over the place I would charge it and it would work for couple of hours and sometime it goes from 100 to 40-30 in 10 or 20 minuets and I tried to use it with a ps4 that my buddy has and it would work for 5 minutes and get stuck on the last input until I reset it with the button on the back and I hova tried to connect it to my android smart tv and when it is connected the controller light is white and the tv lags for the first 10 seconds and then totally freezes if I connected it to my android phone it works the controller light is blue but it's like the controller is lagging so can you suggest what I could do or if there is a way to reflash the firmware or something like that.


Consider yourself fortunate that you got a year's use from the controller albeit being: 1) "cheap", and 2) "non-working".

Probably not worth any additional investment of money or effort.

Something else very likely to go wrong.....