Dumping Physical Memory BSOD


Nov 25, 2012
I keep getting the dump phys mem BSOD when playing BF3. I don't play enough games to test, but I play Fallen Earth and Aion which are less demanding games and run fine.

I've made several changes to my PC in the last couple of days, but I kept getting the same thing happening from the start, with my original configuration of 3 years.

I upgraded my PSU from a generic Ultra 750W to a Corsair TX850M
Upgraded GPU from 5750 to Asus 7850.
Upgraded RAM from 4GB G.skill to 8GB Corsair Vengeance.

I was totally convinced my problem was PSU, because originally (laugh) was an open box deal and right from the get go if the PC crashed (rarely) required several toggling attempts with the PSU's power switch and reseating the AC cord.

All of my problems started within the last few days of installing BF3. Anywhere from 30 seconds to 20 mins I get the BSOD dumping phys mem. I switched back to my 5750 and the same thing, so I ruled out the video card being defective. I even had a chance to try an nvidia GTX 560ti and the same thing. Reseated RAM, checked all the PSU connections and reseated them too. Last night after the latest crash, the PC wouldnt even boot, and no video, fans spinning super slow or not at all and steady red blinking light on the front case. Case power switch was unresponsive so I played with the PSU switch on the back several times. I got it to turn on a few times, but never got any video or even a POST.

The fans spinning slowing and having to toggle with the PSU switch like I said lead me to think it was PSU related. I read a lot of the dumping physical memory BSOD posts and none seemed to fit my problem exactly.

So today I put in a brand new Corsair TX850M PSU, and 8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM. Previously I swept the old drivers for GPU, and also when going from the Nvidia back to ATi. I even reinstalled windows a couple of days ago just to start fresh.

Could this just be that my motherboard simply doesnt like BF3 or something silly like that? I wish I had more games to test, and am thinking about buying Modern Warefare or something just to try it.

Any help is appreciated.