Efficient Reinstall

tod gaak

Nov 30, 2008
Hello all,
I'm a newbie that built a new computer and installed vista Ultimate on it a couple of months ago. This installation was apparently a total failure as, across the board programs are crashing every hour. I mean everything from adobe to word to IE to windows explorer.
Unfortunately I have the OS and programs customized and I cant lose all that work! So the problem is to make a clean reinstall without losing all my settings. I have researched this but have not found a satisfactory solution. Some suggest backing up all the registry and reloading it, but this will import the errors I am trying to fix into the new installation. I have found a program called Niksaver that claims to do this, but I cant tell if it works for 64x...does anyone know?
Furthur I would like to never have this problem again! Are there some steps I could have taken to avoid this problem?