Elon Musk’s OpenAI Project First To Receive Nvidia's DGX-1 'AI Supercomputer In A Box'

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If I had to guess this is only a very small part of it. However if you think about AI computers once they become savvy enough it could make for some serious competition to current security practices. I could easily see one day an AI being taught on how to probe systems and hack them. That would be where you would want another AI system in place to prevent those attacks, like a very smart firewall so to speak.


Musk thinks that if artificial intelligence solutions are decentralized, then if one AI solution becomes too strong and somehow “goes rogue,” all the other AI solutions out there have a chance at fighting back.
Many scientists behind the original atom bomb once thought this, too. During the late 40's, there was remarkable openness around the science underpinning nuclear weapons, with the thought that if everyone had them, no one would use them.

Of course, assuming everyone has access to custom ASICs, the barriers to entry for AI are much lower.

can also learn how to generate appropriate responses to the questions that people ask it. ... we can, instead, train on entire years of conversations of people talking to each other on all of Reddit.
Um, didn't Microsoft already get burned by this? Something about a lewd, racist chat bot comes to mind...

Anyway, I wonder how long before we can rent time on DGX-1's, through Amazon. That's probably how most researchers will actually use them. Most institutions can't afford more than a couple, but what do you do when half a dozen grad students all want to run to use it to get the data they need in time for the submission deadline of the next big AI conference?
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