Endless BSOD after changing Maximum Memory in MSCONFIG [Windows] Now I'm stuck in an endless BSOD. How can I fix this?

Mads Hansen

Oct 20, 2016
So this is what happened: My computer has 8 Gb of ram and it is only using 4. So I decided to go into msconfig and went to "boot" and went to advanced settings and checked the "Maximum Memory" check box. It then said that there was 256 ram and I just pressed "ok" and pressed save changes.

My computer then said that it needed to restart to make the changes and I restarted. Now I just get the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) repeatedly everytime I try and restart my computer. I get the bad_system_config_info and it goes over to "Automatic Repair" and it gives me 2 options: I can restart and let the blue screen of death appear again or I can go to advanced settings. When I go to advanced settings I get 4 options.

1: Continue to Windows 10 (DOESN'T WORK)!!
2: Use an usb-drive (I don't have an usb drive)
3: Troubleshooting (reset the pc or get more advanced settings)
4: Turn off the pc (doesn't solve anything)

When I press troubleshooting i'll get 2 options: Either to reset the pc or go to advanced settings.

When I go to advanced settings I get 6 different settings. System Recovery, CMD, Recovery of something I can't translate, Options for UEFI-firmware, Startup repair and Startup options.

When I go to the CMD instead of having the usual C:\ root it has a X:\ instead.

I have tried to do all sorts of commands like trying to open MSCONFIG but it doesn't let me and I can't even get into safe boot/mode. I'm a 16 year old noob at this and I don't know what I'm doing please help.


choose troubleshoot
choose advanced
choose start up options
hit the restart button
choose a safe mode (it doesn't matter which) by using number associated with it.
PC will restart and load safe mode
right click start button
choose run...
type msconfig
change ram back to 4gb

restart and see if it works now.