endyen letter to Fredi


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Hello Fredi
I'm sorry to be taking more of your time on this issue.
I would like to say that your easy going , firm but fair method of moderation was one of the keys to this forum being a second home to many.
Thankyou for that.
The transition to the new mods has at times been disconcerting.
The departure of my friend Mozz has made it worrisome.
He alluded to some jackbooted, rightwing plan to control the forums.
The primary presence of (apparently) flagwaving republican mods did little to sooth that mood .

For Ned, I am sure that, when told by the mods that he could not keep the signature he had used for a long time, he felt the mods were bullying him.
I don't understand how a signature could be so important, but I do see how a question of principals could escalate to this.
For two years now, Ned has been a helpfull, valued member of our forum.
We can not truly afford to loose such people.
I ask that you reconsider his fate. I hope that he would be big enough to apologize for any and all pain he has caused you, and accept the conditions you impose.

Ok, now you jackbooted, rightwing forum-controling fascists need to step up and identify yourselves :p

It's just amazing that some of these "claims" are being made. If it were up to me, I'd have a "truth" rule that required members to at least be honest. But where has honesty ever gotten in the way of a good arguement or rigid position in this forum.

I still don't think most members "get" the difference between words within the body of a single post (in the Other) and a sig which instantly appears in 8,000 posts everywhere.


Dec 31, 2007
You know, I still have my army boots from when I served my compulsory service over 10 years ago...

They make nice trekking / working boots and last forever.