Question Envision G281a1 22 inch display with Radeon HD2400 Pro - match made in hell

Feb 19, 2019
System in peril is a Dell T3500 Xeon CPU workstation clas machone. I purchased this thing off of eBay couple of years back and never opened it till yesterday. The graphics card has this weird 4 row by 18 -20 pin female socket and the pigtail splitter cable that converts the said socket into 2 DVI ports. Needless to say mentioned monitor has DVI and VGA inputs. So you can guess the connection: DVI!

As soon as system boots (win 7 preinstalled and I have been doing windows updates non-stop for the past 2 days) ) display resolution was autodetected as 1680x1050. So far so good. Yet, when I start using the system, I noticed, where the background needs to be stark white, there are wertical dotted lines in a magenta hue. And where the display should show plack, wherever it thinks there is a contrast change on that black, there is green dot.
I asked system to update Radeon drivers as they were from 2011 and update process told me I had the latest. During one of the wondows updates, I saw the monitor drivers got updated. So, I am pretty sure this is not a driver issue.

In advanced settings, the monitor frequency selection is a bit strange. It is set to 59 HZ and the only other choice is 60 HZ, which looked a little odd to me.

I am unable to makes heads or tails of what to do here.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Artifacts on WHITE

Artifacts on BLACK

Artifacts on BLUE


Apr 3, 2018
Just looking the graphics model up indicates that it only has 128MB of video RAM on a 400hz clock. I am amazed you got anything at all. It was released for Vista, and would probably appreciate a 480 "box" monitor.
Feb 19, 2019
Tried the lowest res (800x600) on the resolution menu but even at that low resI was still seeing the same artifacts, albeit farther distance between colored pixels.

What would be a good, budget card I can use ? This rig is not for gaming or anything. I was supposed to set this up and work on my virtualization skills, when I bought this box, but since the scope of my job has changed, it doesn't have any urgency, yet I would like to use it with KVM/Linux as well as kubernetes. So, higher resolution but not a speed daemon graphics card is much appreciated.

Oh BTW, if the graphics card can output to a 4K TV via HDMI, that would be swell, as I am planning to leave this server near where my TV is, connecting hardwired to the router/switch sitting next to the TV cable, as one can imagine.

Any suggestions ?
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