EP-8RDA+ issue - "OC" code


Jul 25, 2007
My Epox 8RDA+ was damaged in shipping when I got it 2 or 3 years ago when the power supply fell out and bumped things around inside pretty good. I had to replace the video card, but the board has been somewhat OK since then, aside from the keyboard randomly not working. (It isnt the kb, it IS the mobo causing it). Aside from that it has served me pretty well.

It stopped booting for me the other day though, and it is giving me an "OC" code.It turns on, checks the ram, and the next code it gives is the OC. The manual says that this code is "Reserved". Anyone know what this could mean, or have suggestions on how to fix it, at least temporarily until I get a new board in? I am getting a new system, but Id like to get this one up and running again. I can order another mobo for awfully cheap, but any suggestions to get this one up and running again at least until the new board can get here?

Thanks guys.


Jun 6, 2005
I have that board in a computer myself...its been a good board other than the onboard sound failing me (I use a sound card anyway). I assume you checked the manual for the trouble code the diagnostic LED is giving you and thats what is says? If so then I would try some searches for trouble codes and see what you get. I know that once or maybe twice I have gotten a message at post telling me that overclock has failed and that the clock frequency has been reset to default values which was like a 200 fsb. I have never OC'ed on that board. I simply went into the BIOS and reset the fsb to 400 ( I am running a 3200+ in that board). Since then no troubles and no worries. How are the temps on your CPU? Anything abnormal?