Question Erratic GPU Fans 100%

Mar 11, 2023
So my 3090 fans are behaving very erratically, basically the fans shoot to 100% when I first boot up and also when the GPU is barely working (sounds like a jet taking off) yet in Hardware Monitor it says 'Fans: GPU #0 @ 0 RPM and GPU #1 @ 1000 RPM' (definitely isn't at 1000), so both those readings are incorrect, and in MSI Afterburner it reads that Tachometer is at 0 and the second Tachometer is at 1000, all the while I can hear the 3090 fans trying to launch my PC into another room.
Here's the even stranger bit, after testing for a while everything will start working as it should! The readouts in HW Monitor and Afterburner are correct and the GPU fans sound the way they should. At that point I'll shut everything down with a smile on my face thinking everything is fixed and return to my computer hours later to find it's still behaving erratically.
I've done this too many times now.
I've tried uninstalling Afterburner, reinstalling, reseating GPU, DDU uninstall of drivers and clean install, all of which will sometimes fix the problems but then it always reverts to misbehaving.
Is this a hardware fault or is there something I can do with software to remedy this? Any help greatly appreciated as it's driving me a little mad 🙃

GPU: Asus TUF OC 3090
Mobo: MSI Tomahawk z690
CPU: 12700k
RAM: 32gb Corsair
PSU: Seasonic Focus GX850
Cooler: H100i elite
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