Question Error 182 when installing GPU drivers ?


Apr 29, 2019
Hello peeps, I had a RX 5500 XT 4Gb in my build for a bout a year then decided to upgrade my monitor by adding a 2k 165Hz. Then I got a 4k TV and since then the GPU has been having some issues. So I tried updating the driver and i'd still have some minor issue but once I DDU I couldn't install any drivers and everytime I did try to install a driver from (asus website or AMD website) and the automatic thingy GPU detector, id still get this error 182.

I did a complete format of my PC, reinstalled Windows and updated everything and still experiencing this error. Anyone can recommend anything? Is the GPU broken?

NB: in Device Manager, I see 2 devices: Intel UHD Graphic 630 (my CPU) and Microsoft Basic Display Adapter with a yellow warning sign next to it.

Intel 10700K
Asus Dual RX 5500XT 4Gb
32Gb RAM 3200Mhz
Asus ROG Z490 E