error codes BSOD need help!


May 7, 2016
Need help for error codes BSOD

Having an issue with my Asrock z77 Extreme 4 mobo with a sandybridge core i5. Also a Corsair 850W PSU with 8 GB of kingston DDR3-1333 ram.

I have had this setup for around 3 years, but recently decided to overclock it- I did a stress on ther machine with CPU-z and it did well. Also the system is watercooled.

Now today when I try to start my computer, the windows 10 logo comes up and It gives me a message WHEA uncorrectable error - then it restarts and sometimes give the message MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION.

I reset the settings to defaults in the bios, took out the video card and used the onboard HDMI output. Also tried removing RAM and replacing.
Did an online search tried increase the CPU voltage at various levels but nothing changes the outcome.

I'm trying to determine if its CPU related, MOBO related PSU or RAM related.

Not really sure what to do other than replace components.

Also my chip temps at around 30 degrees, and the system worked flawlessly before this with no issues whatsoever.

What do you guys think?

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