Error messeg



Hello,i've been getting a bsod more and more reguly and i'm trying to stop it but i have no idea how, can anyone give me some help?

its a machine_check_exception

with the technical info as
stop: 0x0000009C (0x0000000000000004, 0xFFFFFadf90A71280, 0X00000000b2000000, 0X0000000000040151)
Typically, this error message means that there is something hardware related wrong with the computer, i.e. RAM, hard drive, etc... It can also mean that one of the hardware components has been pushed beyond its capabilities. Do you have the COU overclocked? If so, it could be that your settings need to be readjusted. If not, you can run check disk to rule out the hard drive. If that goes well, try removing a stick of memory, booting, and seeing if the message comes up (repeat with the other sticks). If the doesn't come up, it means that you have a bad stick of ram. Try those recommendations first and see if they fix the issue. If not, report back to us.