Question Errors in mem test when using 1 or 2 slot of ram with XMP

Mar 16, 2019
I recently upgraded my computer to :
Cpu - 9700K
Motherboard - Gigabyte z390 aorus pro
RAM : Gskill Ripjaws V 3200 MHz CL16
And I'm having issues with setting up my ram in dual channel.
The issue is that when I insert my memory stick in slot 1 or 2 my computer either doesnt start with 4 beeps or it starts and when I enter memtest I get tons of errors - if I use XMP profile, if I insert into 1 or 2 slot and set everything on stock then it runs fine. When I use one stick and I insert it into 3 or 4th slot I can run everything without any issue.
I mean what might be an Issue here? Faulty motherboard? Faulty CPU? Or maybe I screwed CPU cooler too hard(I have LC)?

Now when I unscrewed my cpu cooler so that it's barely screwed in, computer boots and no errors in mem test. What is going on?

Apparentaly i'm stupid and I didnt put pad for my water cooling block on the other side of motherboard. Metal was toutching metal and there was a short.
Remember guys, always use pads when screwing something into socket!
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