Question Ethernet Adapter Packet Loss?

Jul 19, 2020
So, I've been looking around for a solution to this problem and I'm starting to suspect my mobo but.. here goes.

I've had an issue where I can be on any game or application and on task manager, the ethernet will disappear from task manager. If I'm looking at networking, it shows the ethernet connection having been disconnected. In any game's network tools, it simply displays as packet loss. VOIP applications will also drop me, though not as immediately as a game. Rubberbanding is no fun.

Main things I've been using to test have been Valorant and Discord since Valorant has nifty graphs in-game

What I've tried:
Checking/updating drivers of network cards, router, switch (Up to date)
Switched network card
Re-terminated cables if I messed up a cable termination, I currently have a non-self terminated cable between switch/pc out of exasperation. All other cable is terminated out of a Cat5e Riser, round/copper. My prior cable was Cat5e self-terminated
Network adapter settings (negotiation, green ethernet, power saving settings etc.)
Router/switch power cycle
I don't speak eventviewer, but all i see is warnings, nothing critical. Can post warnings upon request
Simplified Network path/data:
Modem (Cat5e, 1ft) -> Router (Cat5e, 25ft) -> Switch (flat Cat6, 6ft) -> PC
Router: Nighthawk XR500
Switch: Netgear S8000
Modem: Netgear CM1000
ISP: Comcast Gigabit connection
Connected Devices:
Ethernet - PC, Camera DVR, Xbone, PS4, Hue Bridge, Second PS4, Nintendo Switch, TV, Home Security via Zinwell PLC. None of the other ethernet devices are showing signs of their connection being disrupted. I can bypass the PLC, but haven't chose to do so yet
Wireless: 2nd PC, 3 TVs, 4 phones, 2 laptops, 2 nintendo switches
Network Adapter: Realtek Gaming GbE Family Controller (Onboard) / TP - Link Gigabit PCI Express Adapter (TP Link acquired to determine if Realtek was faulty)
Mobo: ASUS TUF Gaming X570 Plus
PSU: ASUS ROG Strix 750W Modular
Win10 64-bit
I'm kind of at a loss, so willing to try ridiculous things no matter how mundane they might seem. Even if it's mentioned, feel free to bring something within those parameters up because this is only the result of browsing for users with a similar problem to my own. I haven't been able to notice any pattern with the disconnects to forcefully replicate the problem, I might be fine for a whole week and then have an entire day where I suffer 'network issues'. I will be re-replacing the cable I haven't terminated.