Ethernet cable not detected

Sep 24, 2018
Okay this is going on for about 2 days, but basically my Ethernet just stopped working, it just says “Ethernet cable not detected”, i’ve tried everything i could from deleting and updating the network’s driver to resetting the bios and cmos, nothing seem to work.
I don’t think it’s an hardware issue because sometimes it actually tries to detect it but coninues to try and identify it with no results whatsoever, i’ve even changed ethernet cable to see if it was my cable but it doesn’t work.
I don’t know if i should include my specs since it’s the first time i actually post on a forum because of a pc problem, i really don’t want to give it in to an expert and figure out that it was something stupid that i didn’t try, please help.
That message almost always means it is a hardware issue. It is most times a bad ethernet cable. Even though you changed out the cable I would still buy a new one, it is cheaper than any other solution so maybe you get lucky.

Make sure you try a different port on the router. I will assume you directly plug to the router rather than go via some in wall cabling.

After that you are left with a bad port in the pc. You could look and see if any of the small wires are bent. It is very rare for a port to go bad but it does happen. The only real options are to use pcie based ethernet board or use a USB ethernet adapters. You would need USB3 ports to get gigabit speeds.