Question Ethernet cables

May 2, 2018
I need some Ethernet cables but I've heard they have different speeds and other stuff like that can someone link me like a pack of 3-5 that are good.
Cables lately are a pain to find. It depends what country you live in so it is not easy for someone to link you something.

All you need is cat5e cables. These will run at gigabit speed. If you can get cat6 cheaper those will work also but do not run any faster. There are better cables called cat6a that are used for 10g connections but I doubt you would be asking basic questions like this if you have equipment that can use 10g.

The key issue lately is all the fake cable on the market. Do not buy any of that flat or thin cable. Also be sure the cable is pure copper no CCA cable. You want cooper wire with wire size between 22-24. Amazon and ebay are loaded with fake cable so read very very carefully if you are going to buy online.
I can't tell and there are no actual specifications. The cable appears to be a flat cable in the photo.

So I did some digging on amazon uk. You will see they clearly state the cable is copper and the wire size.

This is a example I have not purchased this product and you may find a better deal when you consider the shipping. Just be very careful.
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