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Question Ethernet cord not working anymore after unplugged

Jun 23, 2020
I've been using an ethernet cord for about a month and it suddenly stopped working. My brother bought a new one since his had trouble working and now it only connects to his cord and not mines. It was working fine until he changed it. Does his cord have to do anything with it? I swapped the cords to see if it was the port that was the problem and it still only connects to his. The wifi works but my ethernet doesn't

I have a cat6 while he has a cat7 if that changes anything. I've searched up everything on google about this but I couldn't find a solution
All it takes is for 1 wire to become slightly loose inside the plug. It can be as simple as you pulled on the wire or the wire bent incorrectly. This is even more true if you purchased those thin or flat wires. That thin cable is not certified cable and the wires are very fragile.

You can replace the ends but it take a speical tool and some practice. Unless the cable is very long it likely is cheaper to just buy a new one.

All you need is ca5e. It will run at 1gbit to 100 meters. Bigger numbers only cost more money they do not work better.

There are many fake cables on the market. Be sure your cable is pure copper (no cca) and has wire size 22-24 (no flat or thin cable).

Even top quality cables can be damaged but the fake cables have much more issues.
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