Question Ethernet mbps download slower than other pc

Jun 1, 2020
My previous pc gets around 170+mbps download on speed test but my new pc that just came in is getting only 90+ mbps on an ethernet port. Same cable, different pc. What's causing my new pc to get a slower download mbps?
I updated my network drivers in device manager, did all the windows updates, yet no change in speed.

EDIT: I unplugged my routers connection to the modem and plugged my pc into the modem, after that I just reconnected my router and modem together and plugged my pc back into the router and now my speed is back to 170+ mbps. No idea what fixed it but I'm back to what my speeds were before...

EDIT 2: It's possible my ethernet cable is going bad and switching pc was just a coincidence that I was being capped at 90+ mbps download. It randomly went back down to 90+ mbps and after unplugging and plugging back in my pc, modem and router ethernet, it's back at 170+ again.

FINAL EDIT: I ordered a new CAT 6 cable and have 170+ mbps download again. The cable must've been going out already and it was just a coincidence that it went out when I got my new pc.
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