Question Ethernet not recognized by computer or Sengled hub

Aug 2, 2021
So a few days ago I noticed my pc would not recognize the Ethernet cable. In addition, my sengled hub, also connected with Ethernet, wasnt being recognized by my Amazon Alex. So I did the preliminary troubleshooting, I restarted my computer, the router, unplugged and plugged in the Ethernet cables again, etc., nothing. So I connected another router via Ethernet to the old router, to see if the Ethernet ports on the router were bad. The second router had wifi, meaning the Ethernet ports on the old router were fine, but again the Ethernet wasn’t working. So I figured the Ethernet cable was the problem. However, I tried a new Ethernet cable to sengled hub and still nothing. So then I thought maybe it’s the computer/hub. So I have a spare pc lying around and I figured if the MAC address got changed on my main pc, then the internet should working on the spare pc. Still nothing. So I have no idea how to fix this. Any suggestions?