Question Ethernet Showing Green and Orange?


Apr 4, 2016
While trying to troubleshoot packet loss with my IPS, we noticed that my ethernet adapter on the back and to my PC was showing a solid orange light, as well as a solid-flickering green light. As far as I know there is only supposed to be one light on. Any ideas? Even my IPS was confused about this.

On a side note, on my PC I can get a nice ping of 30 while gaming. With 600mbps download speed, but that the same time I can have up to 14% packetloss. Any tips?
Even my IPS was confused about this.
I am confused by his confusion and yours.

Every RJ45 I've seen either have no light or two lights, and every vendor light pattern signify different things, u must consult manual for precise meaning.

Packet loss from where to where? In networks, you are trying to narrow down, from your front door to the end of your driveway? from your outside gate to the first public street? from the street to freeway onramp?

So typically: Your PC ----> Your Router/Switch -----> Your Modem -----> ISP modem -----> ISP infrastructure (u have no visibility control here).

So when u say packet loss, most people refer to "from my PC to my website" but in between there are lots of disparate segments.

Getting the gist? So you want to ask, packet loss inside my house (under your control) or outside (ISP control).

So understanding this, quickly you should know, if affecting more than one of your clients most likely ISP's fault. If only one device, then local problem to that one device.
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