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Question Ethernet still connected but no internet

Apr 18, 2020
This is a problem I've never had before. I have an ethernet connection for my computer and its worked fine for years. Yesterday it started disconnecting me from the internet while still maintaining the "Connected" status. I looked up how to fix this and it was pretty easy, just go to the network settings on windows and hit Troubleshoot. This fixes it every time, and it says the problem is that "The default gateway is not available" and it fixed it by "Reset the ethernet adapter".

My computer doesn't need updates and I have the latest update for the ethernet driver already, so I don't think that's the issue. Also, its just my computer that's doing this. I live with someone who also uses ethernet. Their's works perfectly fine and doesn't disconnect when mine does. Last night it disconnected me about once every hour or two, now its doing it once every 10-15 minutes. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I've never come across this problem before. Thank you so much!


My thought is that there is a loose connection.

Is your computer directly connected to the router or are there interim devices such as switches, power line adapters, access points, etc.?

Swap in some known working ethernet cables starting with the connection between your computer and the router.