News European Survey Reports That 60 Percent of Enthusiasts Prefer AMD to Intel


Convincing this small population gives AMD a little bit of an edge when it comes to the more profitable OEM PC, laptop, and server markets.
OEM PCs will go where sales are so yes this will help. Laptops will also go but they also want to have something innovative since this is a larger market that sells to a larger majority and something innovative can sell much better than something like everything else. Just look at the Surface Book vs say the Macbook pro with the emoji touchbar. I would say Intel pushes more innovation in the laptop space than AMD currently does and offers better power and performance at current than AMD does.

Servers and HPC markets do not care what enthusiasts think at all. Its a vastly different market and world with so many variables that enthusiasts do not deal with that I would never make my recommendation just based on consumer CPU performance and costs.