Question Event Viewer Error: EseDiskFlushConsistency


Sep 9, 2019
I am using windows 10 Home 64Bit version 1709 Before anyone comes up with that shit, NO I WILL NOT UPDATE MY WINDOWS.

Im using a desktop PC, next to the power button theres another button called "reset" with a smal symbol that looks like an old HDD drive. next to this symbol is a light which is CONSTANTLY blinking red, (its blinking twice every 3 secconds) this happens permanently when my pc is running. So i start woondering what this could be and began searching for solution/information online, about 2 hours i was reading THONS of comments in diffrent websites which ALL have the same problem but not a single solution!!

Taking a look in the event viewer i found this shit.

svchost (5412, G, 0) The EseDiskFlushConsistency beta feature is enabled in ESENT because of the 0x800000 settings for Beta mode.

EventViewer - WindowsProtocol - Applications, Every single minute there are 3 entrys from ESENT (errors aswell as information)

I went to registry and found ESENT in services. Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ESENT I created a new DWORD 32Bit called it Start and set a value of 4 which stands for dissabled, restarted my pc but the thing was still running.

As you read above, it says "is enabled because 0x800000 settings for Beta mode" Now reading the word Setting made me think a settings is something you can change yes? so where can i change this value? Im thinking there must be an entry in the registry or elsewhere which contains this value and obviously this stands for enabled so changing this value to another specific number could dissable it from running and autostarting itself, right?

A setting which is enabled can be changed to dissabled, BUT HOW ?


The light with a hard drive symbol is most likely a drive activity light, normal thing on computers.

Try disabling superfetch in your system. Other "fix" is do install an older version of Windows since you don't want to do updates on yours.