EVGA ACX/GTX 780 , GIGABYTE G1GTX 970 ,Powercolorpcs+,sapphire vaporx R9 290x?

Redwan Ahmed

May 17, 2014
Hello Guyz:??::):D
I NeeD ur help
Which Graphic card /GPU is more powerfull nd future proof?
My pc spec
Intel I7 4790k 4.4 Ghz
Msi Z87 G45 Gaming Mobo
corsair vengeance 4x4+8GB red ram
Seagate Barracuda 1 TB HDD SATA 6Gb/s
Samsung 840 EVO-Series 250GB
watercooler H80i
crosair cs 650w
GPU=FPS/future proof for 4years 1366x768 resolution gaming
PLZ suggest me which graphic card is more future proof??
R9 290x= Steam processors = 2816 \ 512 bit Memory Interface Width
GTX 780= cuda core 2304 \ 384 bit Memory Interface Width
GTx 970= cuda core 1664 \256 bit Memory Interface Width :/

In specification wise r9 290x wins
2nd gtx 780
3rd gtx 970 the cuda core should atleast been 2000 cuda cores nd 384 bit Would be awsome. But Gforce
broke my heart :(

plz help me guyz this will be my last investment on pc for 3-4 years. after that i am gonna leave gaming
( i am happy wit my 19 inch monitor)
I am gonna play wit my ^19 inc samsung monitor if i have the money in future i may upgrade to 1080p.

SO guyz plz be honest i dont want any fan boy answer
I just want experienced answer
the 3 gpus are in my budget .
Thx in advance guyz .GG:bounce::D:bounce:


Aug 6, 2014
The 970 has less cores but they're more powerful cores. In terms of gaming performance the 970 is tied with the 290x and both are slightly stronger than the 780. The 970 has less heat and a lower TDP leading to better overclocking so it gets my vote. But you should really upgrade your monitor to take full advantage of that rig.


Jan 3, 2011
I own Sapphire's Vapor-X R9 290X 8GB and I love it! But that's because I run a resolution of 6048 x 1080 with 3 - 24" monitors and that res as well as higher resolutions benefit from the extra GDDR5.

But at resolutions under 4K both the 290X 4GB or 8GB and the GTX 970 are very close, in fact I think the GTX wins by a hair. The GTX 970 is also about $40 - $50 cheaper than the 290X 4GB

The GTX 970 also uses less power and generally runs cooler with the possible exception of the fairly expensive Vapor-X R9 290X

I love my 290X but I run Eyefinity. For your application and anything up to 4K the GTX 970 is the way to go and after 4K I would only recommend the 8GB 290X over the GTX 970.

Buy the GTX 970 you won't be sorry.:D