EVGA GTX 570 failing - blue screen - possible causes?


Jan 16, 2015
Hello everyone,

I am on the fence about getting a new card, I know its about time, but currently I have the GTX 570 from EVGA and it is my first custom build. I have never had a video card go bad on me before, and I never had these issues during the first year and a half or so of having the card.

System can run Skyrim on ultra no problem, but during a huge team fight in League of Legends it will sometimes skip, sometimes crash my game, sometimes crash my whole display driver, and possibly even blue screen and crash the whole PC. It has also happened while simply skype videoing someone and playing minecraft. Certain other games like NBA 2k15 will crash randomly. I assume it is the display driver because the display driver is crashing sometimes and giving me a message, and its during gaming.

What could be wrong? Is there trouble shooting steps to figure out whats wrong and could it be fixable? Should I just bite the bullet and get a new card? Is it for sure my video card or how can I tell?

Thanks everyone for the input.
If you look at the graphics card hierarchy chart, your GTX 570 is only one tier higher than a GTX 750 ti. You'll only continue to struggle as time goes on. It might be time to consider an upgrade to a GTX 970 or similar AMD card like R9 390, if the rest of your system can handle a card like that. Such an upgrade would last for several years easily. The rest of your system would need evaluation before any concrete recommendations could be made.


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