Question EVGA Warranty replacement 1080 Ti card broken?

I submitted my 1080 Ti for warranty replacement because it has a malfunctioning fan. I was approved for an advanced RMA and received a replacement b-stock 1080 Ti; same exact model number as the card it's replacing. Upon loading any game (Dead by Daylight, Overwatch, Valorant) the game itself crashes. Issue is repeatable each and every time. When I placed the old card back in the my system, the problem ceases. I considered running DDU and reinstalling drivers, but both cards are the exact same model, so I wouldn't think that would be necessary. My RMA with a replacement of the replacement, is already pending with EVGA. I'm asking for opinions, because I'd prefer not to send them back two cards now. I just want it to work, so that I can do my normal 10 hour per game sessions. Thank you in advance of your answers.
18 minutes later: I ran DDU in safe mode, downloaded and installed fresh copy of drivers; not including Geforce Experience. No change.

Valorant: Main screen loads and doesn't technically crash, like before. However the screen flickers off and on every other seconds. Game is unusable.

Overwatch: Main screen loads, but attempt to play a quick play game, or spectate results in the game crashing with error "Your rendering device has been lost! Applications closing!

Dead by Daylight: Same problem as before. The game crashes before even loading the main game screen. "Dead By Daylight has Crahsed! Our apologies for crashing amidst your killing/surviving spree. Please provide us with details so that we may fix the issue.