Review EVGA Z590 FTW WIFI Motherboard Review: Overbuilt, Improved Looks


Jun 28, 2021
Thanks for doing this review! As an owner of this board, I'd love it if you shared some of your experience with gear 1 memory timings, or CPU overclock limitations. I'm currently running my 11900k at 5.3GHz-all-core and memory at 3733MHz cl16 gear1. I've seen some other boards with frequency curve offsets, but this board just has a general voltage offset. I'm curious what the best approach with this board is to see if I can get more stability and head towards 5.4GHz+ (at least on 2 cores). My OC Robot seems to think it is possible to do 5.4GHz-AC, but it doesn't like to run there or even with just the 2 *cores there and the others at 5.3. Cheers!