Question EXCEL. Data Validations don't work when workbook is SHARED - For ONE USER only.


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Hi All,

We have a shared Excel sheet at work - 20+ users and a couple of them are known to break anything of the sort, quickly.
As a result, sheets are restricted to only being able to populate certain fields - with 5 or 6 data validation drop downs.

I have one user though, who is unable to see the dropdown fields when the workbook is SHARED. Apparently it's been happening since Jan 1 when I released our "2023" version.
This was a complete 1:1 from a prior (2022) version, no formatting changes etc.

I had him test a copy today, where the only difference was I had 'unshared' the workbook. I hadn't even unprotected the sheets.

As this is limited to the one user, issue has to sit in their own settings? But I'm at a loss as to what would behave this way. Any thoughts?


Interesting problem.


Old links - but may help dig out some clue.

Data Validation may be involved.

This Microsoft link caught my eye:

See the tips.....

Wondering about the timing with regards to the release and resumption of sharing.

The user may have a personal gremlin....
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Thanks Ralston. It is an interesting one.
Nothing jumping out at me from the links - although I am debating pulling the workbook overnight, removing the data validation and rebuilding, just to rule it in/out.

It does look to be a user issue though - as the same cells, when viewed by others, do function as expected.


You are welcome.

And a bit of an after thought....

Not sure of course about how the Excel user community is set up. Can users log on via any existing computer?

Maybe have the user log on via another computer and check the Excel worksheet. Have someone else log in at the user's normal computer and test.

Objective being to determine if the problem follows the User Log in/Permissions or stays with the computer.