Question Experience less performance/ lower fps than expected

Feb 9, 2021

Yesterday I built my new gaming pc, with the following specs:

OS: W10 64-bit

GPU: Gigabyte rx 6800xt OC 16G
CPU: Intel i7 10700k
RAM: 16gb corsair 3200mhz (XPM is turned on)
MoBo: Asus Prime Z470-A
PSU: Corsair 750w 80 Gold plus

I run a three monitor setup, with all monitors being 1080p. The bios is running at the latest available version.

When playing games, I get the feeling that my pc performs lower than it should. For example when looking at, it tells me that while playing Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon wildlands, I would get 150fps on average benchmark. In my case I get around 75-80fps.

In other games I also get lower fps than stated in benchmarks with the same setup. (GTA V (190 expected, 120 actual), Rainbow Six Siege (486 expected, 381 actual). In Ghost Recon Wildlands I noticed in the AMD software that the gpu load doesn't exceed 70%, CPU load sticks around 25%, and RAM usage 3gb.

In 3Dmark the gpu and cpu perform as expected in the Time Spy benchmark. In UserBenchmark they also perform as expected, no surprises there. Here the GPU usage goes up to 100% no problem.

Things I already tried:
  • Reinstall and update AMD drivers
  • Removed other monitors from GPU
  • Powered GPU with 2 separate cables instead of the daisy chain one
  • Disabled FreeSync and V-Sync
  • Uninstalled all RGB software, just to try it
  • All fps caps are disabled ingame
  • Reseated GPU in the PCIe slot

Can anybody help me with this problem, because I don't know what I can do to reach the fps I expect with a setup like this.

Kind regards

3DMark benchmark:


- Was this a full, fresh installation of Windows 10?

- What resolution are you playing at? Are you playing at 1080p or 5760x1080? It's a pretty big difference.

- Do you have links to the Time Spy benchmark details?

- Are all drivers up to date?

- In your games that support it, what is the status of ray tracing and virtual super resolution?

- Those GPU checking websites are essentially worthless for this purpose; the numbers are largely made up from simple models. Exact settings for these games, compared to benchmarks of similar games, not GPU checking websites is what you should post and what you should compare to.
Feb 9, 2021