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Question External hard disk problem

Nov 12, 2019
Hello my friends, I am new user on this forum and I need some help over here.

I had an old laptop on which the hard disk stopped working a few months ago, so I decided to buy a new laptop cause that one was already old and now I am trying to recover my old files using the old hard disk as an external hard drive. The problem is that my new laptop doesn't detect the external hard drive at all. It just plays the usual sound when I connect the drive and when I go to "This PC" there is nothing else. Also there is one light bump on the external hard drive which stopps lighting after few minutes (idk why) but the hard disk is still working cause it's producing some noise and its getting warm. I was watching some videos that were pointing me to Disk Management but I want to make it clear that the disk doesn't appear even there. I was trying to update the drivers but they won't update. Does anyone know what the problem is? Can anyone help me with this one? Thank you in advance.


What make and model HDD? Capacity?

Did you put the HDD inside a USB external drive case?

If so, does that external drive case have its' own power supply or does the case depend on the host computer's (your new laptop) for USB power?

The laptop may not be able to provide enough USB power to directly power the external USB drive.

Try using an independently powered USB hub to connect and power the external USB case containing your old HDD.