External hard drive crash


May 30, 2009
I have been owning a buffalo 300 gig external hard drive for over a year now. I have been recently receiving wierd errors such as sudden disconnection with "hard drive not recognized error" from my windows while the hard drive is still plugged in. I think the hard drive has just crashed at that time. This error occurs quite often when moving large amount of files but it has not happened even when i tried moving bigger files before this month. Can some one tell me what the problem might be and a solution if possible? there are no data loss currently when crashed but i fear the possibility of that happening. Thanks so much guys, appreciate it.


I suggest you back your data on that hard disk ASAP. Is your external drive still under warranty? Perhaps the connection of the hard disk itself with the enclosure might've been compromised, and I don't suggest you try opening up the case to fix things. Unless, you're feeling experimental and the warranty's expired. ;)


If the warranty has expired:

you can open the external enclosure and pull the drive. Try to connect the bare drive to your computer. If the computer can read the drive, the drive's OK and the USB interface is toast.

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