External Storage News Roundup: Seagate, Plextor, ADATA, And Buffalo

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I just don't see the appeal of these things

I'd rather use a USB 3 BlacX which allows one to just use a plain ole SATA SSD or HD and pop them in and out. Now I can use much cheaper standard SSD / SSHD / HD offerings and cycle them or keep multiple drives using same dock. Keep a system image on a spare storage device and a workstation w/ a failed storage device can be back up and running in 90 seconds. Could work like an optical drive. Press into place initiates a back up or copy function ... whatever ... drive pops out a half inch when done.

But perhaps the better question is, tho bit off topic is ...why aren't docking stations built into cases ? Why do I need another "thingy" taking up desk space and eating USB ports ?

Antec was the 1st that I seen with if I am recalling the model number correctly, the D-85 case which has 2.5" Hot Swap drive bay built in. Had a 2.5" HD in our video and photo cameras ... now that was convenient. Thermaltake has a few offerings like this.


Would love a case where the old 5.25" bay area could be used for various options could be purchased to:

a) LCD displaying system monitoring PC functions, temps / fan speeds or even the "big game" via streaming

b) Hot Swap HD bays ... yeay with SATA speeds. Run a backup at 4 pm and take the drive offsite when ya leave at 5. Insert on home machine and copy to HD just by inserting it.

c) OC Station like Asus put in those bays

d) Bay Reservoir / Pump combo


Jan 12, 2011

My computer has an multimedia card reader with USB ports, a dual 2.5" SATA hot-swap dock, and a single 3.5"/2.5" hot-swap dock, and a DVD drive in the 4 5.25" drive bays in my case. Had to get a full tower to get 4x5.25" bays, but it was worth it. :)
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