Question Extreme Difficulty Customizing my Windows 10 Start Menu


Mar 1, 2015
I have been a long time Windows 7 user. I recently switched to Windows 10. One of the biggest pet peeves of mine in Windows 10 is I cannot customize the start menu to my liking. Back in Windows 7, I consolidated all of my shortcuts in the start menu into 5 to 10 folders, so whenever I opened the start menu I saw a maximum of ten entries, rather then having the screen get filled with 50 individual shortcuts. I cannot seem to do this on Windows 10, for two reasons:

1.) There are a large number of shortcuts that appear in the Windows 10 start menu that do not appear into the two locations I know of that store Windows 10 start menu shortcuts, those being Program Data/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu/ and Username/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu. These shortcuts include things such as the Calculator, Camera, Calendar, and Maps. I want to consolidate all these into an "Accessories" folder so they aren't bloating the start menu when I first open it, but as I cannot find these entries in the two aforementioned folders, and I cannot directly drag and drop shortcuts within the start menu itself like in the Windows 7, I cannot figure out how to move these entries off the start menu root into the subfolder.

2.) Start menu folders only nest one directory deep in the Start Menu itself. So if for example I create a directory structure such as Games/Steam/(all the shortcuts for steam games), instead of a "Steam" folder appearing when I open "Games" within the start menu, all of the shortcuts contained with the "Steam" folder instead directly appear "Games" folder and the "Steam" folder will not appear at all.

Everything I want to do was trivially easy on Windows 7 but even after extensive google searches I cannot achieve the same results on Windows 10. Does anyone know how to overcome the two aforementioned problems?

Thanks for the help.

Math Geek

this ability has been removed from win 10 :(

however if you install open shell (classic shell updated) then you can enable win 7 start menu and then create all the folders you want like you are used to.

the paths to the menu shortcuts are what you are used to. not sure why microsoft removed the option but they decided you don't need to organize your shortcuts anymore....


Jun 10, 2021
Microsoft removed nearly all customizations and ease of use with the start menu in Windows 8 / 10. Not looking any better for Windows 11 either.