Question Extremely slow HDD read speed whole write speeds are fine

Nov 29, 2019
Hey guys.

Seeing that I've had really good help from this forum here I am again with another issue. This time it's my daughter's computer.

So she was using a Dell laptop up until a few days ago when it suddenly died on her. I wouldn't say suddenly since it was having trouble for a while. Anyway, I went and got some used parts and made her a PC.

The system I chose has:
i5 2500
Intel Board (don't remember the model)
With a 350W antec PSU which is also used.
An old Quadro K600 1GB GPU (she likes playing some basic games for which this card is more then enough)

Anyway, I put in her old drives including the SSD that was in her laptop and her second HDD which was in a caddy inside the laptop. I had a spare 250GB old WD hard drive lying around which is a few years old and has been in my drawer for almost 2 years now. The drives are connected in this order:
SSD 120GB connected to SATAIII 6.0Gbps
Both HDDs connected to the 3.0Gbps port.

Put everything together and started up the system. The windows apparently booted on their own to which I was really surprised as they are Windows 7. The system ran fine after installing the new drivers for like a few days when it started giving random errors and freezes launching games.

The games this time were on the old WD drive that I mentioned was just lying around in the drawer.

I reinstalled windows and same issue, when launching a game, nothing would happen and it would take ages for a game to load. Even PUBG PC lite which was working fine on this before.

I copied some files from the WD to the desktop and noticed that the copy was really slow like 1MB/s.

I installed Crystal Disk Mark and ran the test. The SSD with Windows was fine with a sequential read of around 470MB/s and write around 400MB/s. The other HDD carried over from the Laptop was fine too I think with 120MB/s read and 111MB/s write on the test (this being an old 320GB 5400RPM Toshiba drive)

Now the WD 250GB drive had a sequential read speed of only 3MB/s and write speeds of 110MB/s.

Clearly something's wrong as the Toshiba drive is like 10x faster with it being 5400RPM drive compared to WD 7200RPM.

I ran the rest a few times with the same results.

Now I replaced the WD SATA cable and even tried a new SATA port. Still the same issue. I've also updated all drivers too.

The WD drive is still acting the same.

All smart tools show the drive as Good Health but a lot of the times I've seen that these readings can be off. So do you think it's a bad drive or something else?


Sep 25, 2019
Looks like you investigated almost every plausible root cause. Did you try swapping the sata port with the port the other HDD is using? Swap their ports and power connectors. If doing that still doesn't solve the issue then the issue solely is the drive itself, given the other tests you performed were to no avail.
Nov 29, 2019

I took out a drive from my own PC and connected it in place of the WD drive that was causing problems. My drive was working fine on the system. I also switched ports with the Toshiba drive that was working fine with my own working drive and all drives were working fine.

I connected the bad WD drive to the system back to copy the data off it and apparently its working fine now. Same SATA port and same Cable and no changes to the settings whatsoever. Strange.


Nov 3, 2019
did you check process monitoring during the time the hard was experiencing slow read speeds , its resources could have been used by a windows process such as windows indexing , specially that this hard drive was partially full of games and installation files so probably it had alot of files to index