Question Failed SSD, is there a way to recover data without professional help in these conditions?

Aug 16, 2020
My laptop Lenovo Flex 4 died probably of SSD failure - showing I/O error on boot up (sorry I don't remember the error number). I wanted to save my data, but recovery service where I live is super expensive so I wanted to try what I can do myself first. I extracted SSD from my laptop and plugged it in disk enclosure (ELUTENG HDD/SSD External Case). After I plug in the case with SSD to the USB port on my working laptop, disk shows up with error message "Location is not available E:\ is not accessible. A device which does not exist was specified." and after clicking on OK disk disappears and is not visible in Device manager or Disk management. From this point, is there anything I can do to recover data by myself or is the service the only option?

SSD: LITE-ON model CV3-DE256
Using Win10


To get your data off the dying/dead drive, there are few things to try:

* connect your old HDD/SSD to your PC as you'd connect additional drive, with SATA data and power cables. Avoid using any drive docks.
When successful, your PC should read the old HDD/SSD as 2nd data drive, from where you can access it and just copy/paste the important data from one drive to another. At all costs, avoid writing anything on the old HDD/SSD since that makes the already bad situation worse.

I've recovered several people's data this way when their PC/laptop has died with no ability to boot to OS.

* if given that your PC can't read the old HDD/SSD as data drive due to the whole drive corruption, things get though.
Here, you'll need to use data recovery software or use the services of data recovery firm. Do do it on your own, i suggest using Recuva,

I've had microSD card die on me (with holiday pics on it) and i had the most success with Recuva. Most of the free data recovery softwares i tried didn't even recognize my microSD card. Recuva was the only one who recognized it and managed to save good part of my pics.

* as a last resort, when all your attempts have failed, you're looking towards using services of data recovery firm.
Depending on how far gone the drive is, data recovery can be very expensive.