Question Failing Power Supply?

Hexa Fox

Sep 8, 2013
Hey guys so I have an 'older' build that I made from 2014 in my living room that I use with my gaming setup. Mostly just search the Internet and watch guides for games that I am playing elsewhere. Anyway in the last year or so the computer has been unexpectedly shutting down. However, the strange thing is it only seems to happen when the computer is in a low power state or not currently in use. Specifically, I have never had it unexpectedly power off while I am actively using it.

However, coming back in a day or so I notice it is no longer responding. The only fix is to flip the power supply switch off and back on and it works fine until the next day or couple of days. Basically could anything else be causing this issue? I have been thinking about replacing it with one of the cheap EVGA's off Amazon. I can get a decent one for about $100.00. I have been thinking about trying to stress test it to see if it shuts off the computer but not sure where I should go from here. Sometimes it is okay for a week or even a couple months before I start getting these issues.