Question Fast upload but slow download

Feb 13, 2019
Hi All,

I am experiencing an issue with download speed at my home WiFi.

My internet speed is: 1000Mpbs download and 100Mbps upload.
My router is TP-Link Archer C7 v5

When using Ethernet cable I get download of 950Mbps and upload of 120Mbps.
When using WiFi (5ghz) near to the router I get ~400Mbps download and ~100Mbps download.

However, when testing in my bedroom (about 8 meters away), download speed is dropping to 20-70mbps and upload is stable 110mbps
Isn`t it weird? if the signal strength is weak I would expect the upload speed to drop as well.
I tried to switch to 2.4ghz, but it even worse, 20-30mpbs download and 10-30mbps upload.

I tested it in bedroom with MiBox 3 (Streaming box) and with my mobile phone, OnePlus 6.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!
All that really means is the nic card in your machine is having issue hearing the signal from the router but the router can hear the signal from your machine better. It most likely means there is a source of interference closer to your bedroom. This signal from the router is weaker so the interference has more affect. The transmit signal from your device is still strong near you machine so it causes less issues. When the signal from your machine get back to the router it is also weaker but the interfering signal will also be much weaker.

It doesn't really matter there is almost nothing you can do about issues like this. You have few options. You can change to 2.4 like you did. You can try the other block of 4 channels on the 5g band but there likely is a neighbor using that also. You could try to reduce the channel width to 40 or 20mhz rather than 80mhz. This may let you find a area of bandwidth that is less congested but changing the channel width reduces your speed since there is less room to put data in.

I guess it more depends if it actually affects your use of the internet. Wifi is not really designed for applications that need very high transfer speeds. Its primary advantage is the wireless.