Faster RAM or faster CPU?


Apr 29, 2014
Hi everyone, got a question that's been puzzling me for a month now. I'm wondering whether a faster memory or a faster cpu has a greater impact on a computer's performance. To be specific, the comparison is between the following two setup:
(I've converted local price in my region into USD for easier comparison)

I5 4670K - $230
ASRock Fatal1ty Z87 Killer - $147
Kingston Hyper-X Beast 2400Mhz CL11 2x4GB - $100
TOTAL - $477

I7 4770K - $337
ASRock Fatal1ty B85 Killer - $87
Kingston 1600Mhz CL9 2x4GB - $69
TOTAL - $493

Assuming the other parts for both setup is exactly the same, which one is a wiser purchase in terms of budget and performance?

I do intend to do some light and budget overclocking, that's why i'm choosing these two motherboard. My friend has an i5 4670K + B85 Killer which he is able to overclock to 4.8Ghz and running stable for two months now. I don't intend to do crossfire/sli due to budget constraint. The way i see it, the only advantage left of Z87 over B85 is its support for higher speed ram up for to around 3000Mhz. Since i do not do dual gpu and b85 is now capable of non-z oc(at least for this particular mobo), therefore the charm of z87 is diminishing. That's actually what puzzling me, to go with higher speed ram but at a heavy cost or to save up that money on a more powerful cpu. Any suggestion or explaination?

Thanks in advance. My first post! lol...

Exactly. Faster RAM is for extreme builds, bragging rights and professional rendering and video editing.