Question Files wont open when using main drive as a slave in different PC

Dec 20, 2021
Hi. Thanks for helping.
I am leaving the company I work for and I wanted to get all my data off my work laptop. I am unable to log into to my work PC so I removed the harddrive and hooked it up as a slave in my home PC. I can click on users and find all my data but when i try to open it I get errors as if the files are corrupt or an unsupported file type. What am I missing? I also back all the files up to another portable drive and tried them on another PC but I am getting the same issues.

Thanks again in advance.
i would guess company implied encryption on the devices to prevent ex-employees from "stealing" company data.

you would need some way to prove that this is personal data that was allowed on company devices or even personal connected devices and have them provide proper decryption method.

otherwise you are stealing company data and that type of support is not allowed on Tom's forums.


None of which should have be stored, solely on a corporate PC. Even if you've been given the PC by the company, there's nothing we can do here except refer you back to the company's IT Support Team. Tom's Hardware does not assist in bypassing security for any reason whatsoever.

I was referring to files like my resume and cover letters that I have written, things like that.
why would these be stored on your company provided system anyway?
if you submitted them upon hire they would be located on corporate servers, not individual drives.

contact your previous department head and explain the situation to them.
they should be able to provide you with any non-company protected documents regarding yourself.