Discussion Finally solved my error 43? Aorus Z390 Pro

Jan 23, 2020
In January I constructed a machine based around a Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro MB. WiFi + Bluetooth runs via a pcie combo card.

Everything worked fine except that the Bluetooth wouldn't restart after either hibernation or sleep. Giving me an error 43. I have been searching the Internet for six months and then it hit me. What if I disabled active power management in the bios and let Windows handle it? And low and behold suddenly I can put my desktop into hibernation mode, wake it and Bluetooth wakes up together with the rest of the machine. But I have disabled sleep, because it still gives me a Bluetooth error 43.

But now finally my machine works 100 % as it was intended. I just wish Gigabyte had mentioned in their manual for the board that you had to let Windows handle all APM to prevent an error 43 from happening.

Anyone else had similar experience with the same board?
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