Question Finding replacement wireless card (Ralink RT5390) for HP Pavilion 500-016 Desktop


Jun 21, 2012
I know that the Ralink RT5390 is garbage. It's starting to go and I need to replace it. I would like something that is dual band and also has bluetooth. I thought it would be as easy as finding replacement RAM but there seems to be a myriad of wireless cards out there and I'm worried about getting something that won't be compatible. Is it as simple as making sure that it's PCI express half-length mini card? OR is there more to it than that? I tried to see if there was some type of comparability chart or website I could use before blindly ordering something with my fingers crossed. The desktop is stock other than upgrading to Windows 10, replacing the HDD with a SSD and upgrading the ram to 16GB. Any assistance or pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated
That is a card designed for laptops. I assume your desktop has some kind of adapter card ?. If you can remove the card it should be as simple as buying anything that will fit. Be careful though you only have 2 antenna I suspect so if you buy a card that needs three you will have to find a way to add one.

Your other option if you have a free pci slot is to just buy a more standard desktop wifi pci card.

Now 1 very important thing to try to check. HP has a history of bios locking which cards are supported to force you to buy from them. Mostly this was on their laptop line but I have seen it on desktop they sold into the business market.

Not sure if they still do stupid stuff like that, pretty much you will see complaints if they still do it on your model.