Question Firmware revert - Bricked repeater

Feb 23, 2020
Heloo friends,

I have Gamebird WNP-RP300-01 repeater wihich came with firmware 401.47.1.235
I made mistake and flash it with WNP-RP-001_driver---818290c6-48ff-4de4-a3ec-8a3c58f268c0.bin firmware for completly different repeater.

Now my repeater only have blue light turned on and only ON/OFF button work. I dont see it in WIFI networks, and can not acces it via ethernet cable.

Is there any option to save it from trash bean? Thanx
This tends to be the problem with buying brands that are not as well known. If the vendor does not document how to recover the firmware it is really tough. Most times you will find this information in third party firmware sites but when the device is not commonly used nobody has taken the time to figure it out.

I would call the vendor maybe they do have a procedure but they did not make it easy to find.

The method used by many routers is TFTP but there are many details like ip addresses and file names you have to know. Generally you hold the reset button until it goes into recovery mode and then you can load a file into the device via tftp. Then again some device the guys go crazy to unbrick. They do stuff like solder a console cable into the motherboard of the router.