Question First PC build Does a 550w pair with a gtx 1660ti and R5 2600 fine

Mar 24, 2020
I am a gamer and Video editor and i was wondering if a CV550 works well with a GTX 1660 ti and Ryzen 5 2600
The CV550 is basically a improved VS550 to meet the 80+ bronze certification. It's still a group regulated unit, so it uses a dated design. Not the most reliable too, we've seen many VS PSUs prematurely failing on these forums.

550W is definitely enough for your system, but I'd choose the CX550 for that matter... much better than both CV and VS series as it is a DC-DC unit.
Thank you but what is a DC unit and what's the CV and CX
On DC-DC PSUs(like the CX series) you have 2 conversion stages... from the first DC stage you get 12V and in the second stage you're getting 5V&3.3V from 12V.
Modern systems power draw is on the +12V mainly... +5V&3.3V load is little, but that doesn't represent a problem since they're fed up by the same +12V rail(2nd DC stage).

On group regulated units like the CV you mentioned +12V & +5V are regulated together(3.3V is regulated independently).
That represents a problem on modern systems, because the +12V is loaded heavily usually, while the +5V is seeing next to no load in comparision... in this case +5V won't be kept under control, going out of the ATX voltage spec... that's no good for your components lifespan.

That's the reason why you should always go for DC-DC PSUs instead of group regulated ones nowadays. For the same reason I'm advising you to get the CX(DC-DC) instead of the CV(group regulated).
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