Question First time Hardline loop failing.


Dec 25, 2017
So, yesterday I spent 12 hours building a custom loop only for the cpu block to fail and leak 3 times into my entire pc (I kept trying to fix it but didn't work)
After that I just got so angry that I ripped everything apart and smashed every bend I did. (most were fine, just the cpu block kept failing) I'm probably going to quit custom cooling and just get an AIO.

Now my question is, I have bought, just for this loop a EVGA RTX 2080 Super FTW3 Hydro Copper - which I can't use because I can't proberly do a Hardline loop without turning my pc into a submarine. Can I get some sort of cooler for this card so I can still use it?? And if so, what cooler
You may want to try and contact evga and ask them. They may be able to help you. They do offer that card with an air cooler setup.

Depending on how old the card is you may be able to return it, or swap it out for the air card.

This is one of the many reasons patience is key in hard tubing builds. But you say the cpu block itself was leaking? Not the fittings going into it? You may have got a faulty block.

I'd investigate the block. I'd also say don't give up as once you do complete the loop, you'll be more than happy. But certainly understand how frustrating leaks can be.