Flash Drive Kingston 32GB not showing up


Oct 22, 2016
Hello every one,
Good day to you and sorry for my english it is not too good.

Now ill explain my issue. I buyed a new kingston 32gb flash drive almost 1 year ago and after 1 year my flash started issue of write protection in it. every time i pluged my flash to my laptop it said the flash is write protected.. so i tried to resolve it through Windows CMD Command line Utility called Diskpart but no use of it.. So i though of Break the USB disk Partition and recreat it.. I did it with the help of Minitool Disk Format tool but my laptop got hanged and remained hung for 1 hour and then i pluged out my flash drive and my laptop restored to normal working state..

Now when every i plug my flash drive to my laptop it detects it but does not show any drive in my computer.
If i open Device manager it shows "Generic Flash disk USB Device" under Disk drives and also shows another tab named Portable Devices and G:\ with yellow exclimation mark.

If i open diskmgmt or any other 3rd party program for diskmanagent while usb connected these programs go hanged..

Thats all i have done yet. Help from you people is highly appreciated. Thanks!
Hey there, ards118.

Unfortunately sometimes when flash drives fail, they tend to lock themselves up and you see them as write protected. You could try another method to remove the write protection besides Diskpart, but it involves messing around with the registry, which is not really recommended, so you should do that at your own discretion: http://www.wikihow.com/Disable-Write-Protection check out the suggestions from this article.
If you can't access the flash drive at all, you could try it with a different computer, or a different formatting tool, to see if you'd be able to properly format it and use it afterwards.

Hope that helps.

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