FLiPS Meeting - South Florida


Apr 1, 2004
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The next FLiPs meeting will be on Saturday night, August 20 at 9:30 PM.
This is held in Broward County, Florida.

This meeting will feature qualifying for the Fall Tournament (see rules
below). Trophies for the Summer Tournament will be also awarded.
Please rsvp or obtain further information from

Rules for Fall Tournament:

Five games will be selected by the house. All participants will be
provided three chances to play on each game. The players will report
their high score on each machine. The highest score on each machine
will receive 10 points, the second highest score will receive 9 points,
etc. At the end, all points will be tallied. If there are 15 or less
participants, the top four will be awarded semifinalist positions and
will duke it out at the following meeting. (If there are at least 16
participants, then there will be 8 semifinalists slots). There will
also be alternates in case one or more of the finalists are not present
at the following meeting.

The semi-final round will be two wins out of three. The first game
will be chosen by the lower seed, the second game by the higher seed,
and the third game, if needed, will be designated by the house. The
final round will be three wins out of five with two chosen by each
player and the final game (if needed) will be designated by the house.
The first and second place winners will receive trophies. At the
meeting where the finals will be played, there will also be another
tournament (either Zen, one-handed, etc.) and trophies will also be
awarded. More info will be provided before that meeting.

During the qualifying, semi-finals, and finals, all games are set to
regular play and extra balls may be played. If there is a malfunction
of the machine that can be corrected (such as the ball gets stuck) the
ball will be returned to the shooter lane if possible and the game will
continue. If the game cannot be continued, then it will be replayed in
its entirety.

Again, please contact efaerman-at-hotmail-dot-com for further info and
to RSVP.

Ed Faerman


Archived from groups: rec.games.pinball (More info?)

I did score a Dracula (BSD) recently, and I have already gone through
it. Should be in top form for flips.


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