[SOLVED] For anyone having ram issue with msi b450 carbon pro

Jan 9, 2019
Good evening !

I just wanted to make a thread in case anyone experienced the same issue as me!
I purchased a set of 4x4gb of ram from Kingston HyperX Fury with a 2666 frequency to go with my MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC and my AMD Ryzen 5 2600.

Unfortunately, when I plugged in more than 2 ram sticks, the PC wouldn’t boot, and would be stuck on a turn on/turn off endless cycle. On the bright side, after checking every slot and every stick of ram, none of them was faulty. But nothing would boot with more than 2 ram sticks still.

After contacting MSI support and them telling me that my motherboard was faulty, I still gave a try at flashing my BIOS. And now everything is working fine !

So if you experience any issue like this with your ram, I suggest updating the BIOS before looking into other issues (like bent cpu pins for example). If you aren’t familiar with how to flash your BIOS, please take some time to document yourself on the matter as if done unproperly it can make your computer unusable.

The msi B450 carbon pro’s bios is available on their website, and it’s fairly easy to do.

So if your ram doesn’t work properly, check your bios !

Hope I could be of any help!