News Fractal Design Issues Fan Hub Replacement for New Torrent PC Case


Jan 27, 2014
Wow thanks I just bought the Torrent and am building tomorrow! I'm guessing I can plug the fans in the mobo... Edit: so the Torrent comes with 5 fans, so most likely I'll need to order a new splitter. I can't wait around for Fractal to send a $10 part...
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Feb 9, 2015
I can't wait around for Fractal to send a $10 part...
At least they have admitted there is a problem promptly and, are dealing with it. There are more than a few companies out there, that would deny there is a problem and blame buyers for damaging the faulty part. Whirlpool is one that comes to mind.
Much better than say NZXT. months later say there might be a problem.
Gigabyte. What problem, we find no problem. 10 months later, there is no problem they were just overstressing it with fake thermal loads. But if you want a replacement RMA it. RMA denied !!!!
Apple , You are holding it wrong! No problems with the phone.
Need I say more?
They are pro- actively trying to get ahead of the problem immediately. Kudos to them.
I do not own any of the above, but there presence is widely know to enthusiast.