Question Free 3D simple PC game with controller support?


Aug 13, 2009
I'm looking for a free 3D simple PC game with controller support. Here are some notes about some genres in no particular order:
  • racing: I'm mainly interested in futuristic racing like
  • platformer: It should still 3D, somewhat looking like Super Mario 64.
  • RPG: It needs to be action-inclined (heavily) with little-to-no puzzle.
  • action: For games like Tomb Raider, I want it to contain little-to-no difficult section that requires quick reflexes or quick thinking (loosing health is ok if I fail but I don't want to have to redo the part until I succeed).
Do you have a suggestion?

Thank you kindly
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Your best bet here would be to watch the 'free game' offerings that the various launchers do from time to time. I am not specifically aware of a free racing game and cannot recall one being offered recently that I know about, at least.

If you look back at the stores associated with these launchers they may well have something fun for a really cheap price. I personally found many of the Need for Speed variants to be fun and easy. Forza and Dirt come to mind as well.

If you install in emulator you might be able to find something like Gran Turismo from one of the early PS releases for free. Beyond this, I have no other suggestions and wish you luck in your search.