Freelancer 2

got canned a long time ago. there have been rumors about a new 1 but they just come and go... a shame realy because freelancer is 1 of the better space sims on pc. simple but very playable and i still blow the dust off the box 1s in a while...

if you still have the first 1 then check out the mod scene for it... theres everything from startrek to babylon5, great stuff...

At the time of Digital Anvil's closing, the company was working on two Xbox 360 titles, one of which was dubbed with the codename Project Lonestar (the other, Project Enwor, I'll go into at length at a later date) but also known by the name of Freelancer 2. I have not played much of the original, so forgive me that I cannot compare the sequel to the original. The player would have again been in the shoes of Edison Trent as he attempted to find out the truth about the mystery of the space station disaster that Trent survived whilst alluding some shadowy groups.
was 1 of the posts i found but nothing for nearly 2 years. it is long gone im afraid...


The freelancer community has all but vanished and only the die hard fans really play now. It's a shame the game was never really developed further. It felt very unfinished. It was extremely easy to mod though, so mod developers filled in the gaps left by the game developers (and then some).


Nov 19, 2012

NECRO'D! In case anyone who cares somehow missed this information, Freelancer 2 is on its way to becoming a reality - in the form of an insanely ambitious title called "Star Citizen." It's by Chris Roberts, the man behind the Wing Commander games and behind Freelancer itself. It will feature over 100 solar systems, many beautiful, high-detail ships with numerous articulated parts, spacewalking, exploring the insides of ships and stations, and a boatload more of every space sim lover's dreams.

Lancers rejoice! :na: